Pumpkin Circus

Swiss PumpkinsAs you may already know, October is my favorite month of the year! I know I haven’t been activly blogging for a bit now, but nothing gets my desire to share things on the internet fired up quite like October! Crisp air, gorgeous colors of changing leaves, apple cider, and pumpkins!

About 3 years ago, I shared with you guys some of the Italian pumpkin culture in Mantova. Well, now it’s time to share how the Swiss do pumpkins!

It’s been a lovely October so far this year. Not very rainy at all (which keeps those amazing shades of red, yellow, and orange hanging on to the trees a bit longer) and quite sunny. Me and my boyfriend had fantastic weather for a wonderful day in the town of Seegräben at Jucker Farm.

Jucker Farm

Only about 45 minutes form Zürich, Jucker Farm is an agricultural/tourism farm where you can stroll around the Pfäffikersee Lake, find your way through an apple orchard labyrinth, pick your own fruits, have a meal featuring locally grown food at the HofChuchi restaurant, or do some shopping at the farmer’s market. It’s also host to Switzerland’s biggest pumpkin festival!

The theme for the 2015 pumpkin festival was “Kürbis Zirkus” (pumpkin circus). There were sculptures made out of pumpkins, tons of pumpkin inspired food, a giant apple press for fresh cider, and lots of happy people enjoying a lovely outdoor Sunday in October.

Take a look at some of the pictures I took. It was such a nice (and cute) day!

Here’s wishing all of you a great autumn! 

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